Story time

The marching bad students at my school went on a trip and we left early because of lightning and heavy rain. My band director got a text from a girl that was on our bus saying ‘hey can you text my dad telling him my mom will be a few minutes late? Her windshield wipers stopped and she’s under a bridge.’ The director said ‘why did you text me. I’m two seats away.’ ‘I didn’t.’ She showed us her phone and the last time she texted our director, was two weeks ago. Not even five minutes later our director got another text. It was from another band kids mom saying (the bus driver is this woman’s husband) ‘tell … that I will be a few minutes late. My windshield wipers gave out and I’m under a bridge until it clears out.’ We all got creeped out and I’m not in this fandom but I screamed ‘some one grab the salt!’ I hate this fandom. They’re everywhere. Look what they’ve done to me